codedigs website

Project Description

After running a hugely successful series of summer workshops aimed at teaching elementary school kids how to code, our team was so moved with the demand for more resources like this that we decided to launch codedigs. The site has a simple goal – offer online coding classes that are easily accessible for young kids and get them excited about web development. I conceived and implemented the design for the entire site, both for the landing pages and the user interface.

Project Details

Created 2015
Skills Branding, Web Design, Documentation, Instruction

codedigs website user interface preview

Ease of Use

Challenges (or “tracks”) are divided into Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced sections based on the difficulty of the lesson. Each track is then broken down even further into short, easily accessible lessons.

User Profiles

Each student gets their own profile that showcases the most recent badges and points that they’ve earned, along with any custom programs they’ve built.

codedigs student profile user interface